OSM’s Journey with SureSmile

In the spring of 2008, Drs. Peterson and Bird took a strong interest in some emerging technology in orthodontics, and brought SureSmile to Orthodontic Specialists. With SureSmile, the doctor can preplan the final treatment result by simulating how each tooth will move into the final bite and how the teeth should look to best match the patient’s individual smile line. Then, your doctor orders custom-made wires to accomplish these movements. These wires, which are bent robotically, contain instructions for each tooth to move in the most efficient way to its final position. These custom-bent wires are far more accurate than what the doctor is able to achieve by hand, meaning that your results are able to be achieved with far greater precision.

Another benefit to patients is the reduction in treatment time that can be achieved because of the preplanning: the teeth don’t actually move any faster, rather they just move directly towards their intended final destination. Fewer months in braces means fewer appointments, less school/work time missed, and an overall higher treatment satisfaction level for patients. On average, OSM patients are finishing their care 30-40% faster than they were when the same doctors were using conventional (by-hand) wire bending techniques.

During the 8 years that OSM has used this technology, our expertise level has grown, and our doctors now have over 2300 finished cases to our credit. Dr. Knutson joined OSM in early 2015 with prior SureSmile experience and uses the system routinely with his patients. In February 2016, Orthodontic Specialists of Madison was proud to be named as 2015’s Outstanding SureSmile Multidoctor Practice in North America, the highest honor given.

SureSmile’s technology now also allows our doctors some exciting combined treatments: conventional braces for more difficult tooth movements at the start of treatment, and then transitioning the patient to clear aligners to complete their care. The results are still planned with the same precision, but acknowledge that there are still tooth movements that cannot efficiently be done using clear aligners alone.

For more information about SureSmile, including videos and testimonials about the system, please visit www.suresmile.com.

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