OSM’s Journey with SureSmile

In the spring of 2008, Drs. Peterson and Bird took a strong interest in some emerging technology in orthodontics, and brought SureSmile to Orthodontic Specialists. With SureSmile, the doctor can preplan the final treatment result by simulating how each tooth will move into the final bite and how the teeth should look to best match the patient’s individual smile line. … Read More

OSM Announces Social Media

In January 2016, OSM opened accounts for both Facebook and Twitter. It is our hope to interact in a positive fashion with our present, former, and prospective patient bases. Fun facts, items related to orthodontic treatment, contests and winners, and great smiles will all be featured on our pages. If you have an account and are interested in following us, please … Read More

OSM McLellan Merge

OSM has acquired the Middleton practice of Dr. Brian S. McLellan. Dr. McLellan’s active patients are now being treated by Drs. Knutson, Peterson, and Bird. Dr. McLellan has been seeing patients in OSM’s Gammon Road office to personally introduce them to their new treating doctor. OSM wishes to welcome those patients new to our practice and ensure them that their … Read More

History of OSM

Dr. Steven Peterson began practicing orthodontics in Madison in 1992, when he purchased the practice of Dr. William Levihn. Dr. Peterson holds specialty training in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, but decided at that time to focus entirely on orthodontics. There were two other orthodontists in the partnership, which was named Madison Orthodontic Associates. Dr. Peterson treated patients at 5605 … Read More